Fix your broadband

Power off all the devices like modems, routers, switches, hubs and computers. Then restart the devices after a minute, starting with the modem router. When the modem router is back online, you restart any other network device and then the computer(s).

Most modems will have a WAN (or Ethernet if your connected directly to the modem) indicator showing the status of the connection between the modem router and your computer or network. If this indicator is off or solid, then it may indicate that the connection is not there or frozen. To re-establish the connection check the cables plugged into modem. Unplugging and plugging the cable back in can restore the connection. Try swapping cables in case of wear and tear on the cable.

Power light:
When on solid, this light indicates that the modem is powered on. If this light is flashing, the modem might be faulty.

Internet light:
These indicators show if your service is active. The Internet light should be solid. If this light is flashing intermittently, you might have a problem with the service. If the Internet light is off and you have checked the cables then there might be an interruption in the service.

The quoted speed for your plan is the maximum possible speed – actual speeds will vary depending on things like how many other people are using the internet connection, and which sites or services you’re using.

If you’ve eliminated all possible causes and you’re still experiencing a problem with your broadband connection, we’re happy to investigate further. Please submit a support ticket using the form on this page.

Submit a Support Ticket

Please ensure that you have completed all items in the Fix my broadband section before submitting a support ticket.

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