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Premier Broadband Ltd was established in February 2005, to build a wireless network and provide a broadband service for our left behind rural communities, and our midlands base area. These communities had been left in the broadband wilderness, as the big players concentrated on the lucrative and easy to service urban towns and cities and had no interest in delivering a rural broadband service as it was too expensive and not viable. Over the years our network grew to several thousand subscribers and has been working at maximum capacity for several years.

About Premier Broadband

In the early years, broadband was predominantly used for sending and receiving emails and surfing the net. In those days there were no Smart phones, Tablets, Android TV Box’s, Gaming, Netflix etc. All these wonderful devices and technologies are now an essential part of home and business life. They do however require high speed broadband, and consume lots of bandwidth, which existing wireless networks struggle to cope with to deliver the required speeds.

To meet the needs of our modern rural country customers, Premier Broadband has identified, tested and invested in NEW ground-breaking future proof wireless broadband technology that uses BI-Beam beamforming technology. PB AirJet is a game changer for rural broadband and delivers superfast fibre like speeds to the countryside. In February 2018 we started our PB AirJet network upgrade, we are currently installing our first phase of PB AirJet customers, with other areas coming on stream in the coming weeks and months.

PB AirJet will be available for new and existing customers on a phased roll out in the following counties…

Laois, Offaly, Kilkenny, North Tipperary, Kildare, Roscommon, Meath, Westmeath, East Galway, Waterford. Contact our customer services for the upgrade schedule for your area.

About Premier Broadband
About Premier Broadband